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Franklin man arrested after causing crash on Cool Springs Blvd

A Nashville man is due in court this afternoon after his dangerous driving, leaving a Franklin car show, caused a crash on a busy stretch of Cool Springs Boulevard.

Ahmad Mouzory, 18, of Nashville, was leaving the parking lot at 633 Frazier Drive at about 11am on November 7. While pulling out, in front of a group of car enthusiasts, Mouzory rapidly accelerated, losing control of his car, spinning out and landing in the median. Mouzory left the scene, never reporting the crash to police.

Investigating Traffic Unit Officers later confirmed what had happened, and Mouzory’s involvement. This Instagram video, located by investigating officers, confirmed reports of Mouzory’s recklessness. On November 15, he was charged with Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of a Crash, and Failure to Report a Crash.

The social media video that captured Mouzory’s recklessness clearly shows the danger of his actions while pedestrian spectators stood close by, and unsuspecting motorists traveled this busy Franklin roadway. Franklin Police have increased officer presence at these types of car shows, where spectators routinely encourage drivers leaving the event to peel out, on their way out.

Franklin Police Officers will ticket, and when appropriate – arrest reckless drivers, especially on busy roadways or where pedestrians are present. Lt. David Prather of FPD’s Traffic Unit said, “In an effort to safeguard innocent bystanders, our enforcement surrounding these events will be very zero-tolerance.”